FoCC Review: Dirk Gently Season 2


Dirk Gently _ Season #2, Episode 201 – Photo Credit: Katie Yu

I was able to screen the first 2 season two episodes (a few small spoilers follow) of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and I can already tell you that season two is well on it’s way to being another amazing season.  The season premiere starts off with some of our characters from season one being held by Blackwing while the others are looking for them.   Dirk, who was captured in season one, is going through a series of tests and failing them.  It seems that the new leader of Blackwing isn’t the smartest guy and doesn’t really understand what is going on.  He enlists the help of the Austin Priest (Alan Tyduk), who doesn’t seem to believe in following the rules.

While Todd was lucky enough to escape Blackwing, it seems that he has developed the same disease pararibulitis as his sister.  It appears that Todd just can’t catch a break, but that hasn’t stopped him from being determined to find Dirk and put things back together.  His sister, who is not speaking to him, is also on the same mission but she is looking for the rest of her psychic vampires, who were also captured by Blackwing.

Yet this wouldn’t all be complete if Dirk didn’t have a case!  Dirk has been given a case by an old friend he had as a child when he was held hostage in Blackwing.  She instructs him to find ‘the boy’.  While that seems like little information to go on, trust me, for Dirk it’s more than enough to start investigating.

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